haha..another contest nak join tetibe eventho dh nak tutup date nye...>>

ni gmbr time transit kat bahrain>>>>

ok now the statement>>
be ready...pasang lagu sedih dlu....huhu  
Saya suka bergambar dihadapan cermin kerana takde orang nak tolong ambil gmbar saya,..huhu
so tanpa ragu ragu 
saya pun mengambil inisiatif dgn menggunakn perkhidmatan cermin especially yg "awam" punye untuk mengambil gambar saya yang tersergam indah(bajet)..haha 

my frens yg nak di tag>>fadli n pukal

new style

                             assalamualaikum w.b.k

aiyoo...x tau dh nak post pe...bru abis its da time for blogging yo!!

>>laz week i've new haircut..its been 3 month x ptong rmbut...dh mcm rmbut kak limah dh..
so i ask my friend to cut my hair..even tho he's a medical student n not a barber..but he has a magical edward scissorhand (ngarut

haha..potong punye potong..then i realized sumthin'..
damn!!..rambut dpn ak pndek gile..dh la style rmbut ak pnjg dpn cam hyun bin (true statement) b4 this..

but now???..
this song 4 my hair>>"selamat tinggal syg..bila umur ku pnjg..kelak ku kan dtg membuktikan"(ngarut)
anyway..seb bek la rmai member ak ni stylish to fadli n others yg gave me my new hair style..eventho x prnah try this style..but i kinda like it

                                                                                  lyn chocolate milk shake skit

men buayan


dealing with bodies

>>dealing with bodies a.k.a cadavers..ya..many of them..scary huh??..
     tp sume dh awet

                                                                  not this kind of cadaver lah....

>>but i like it + i enjoy it too...thats y i took this it damn much..muahahaha
(statement mcm canibal lak...haha)
>> its been almost a year  i've deal with this kind of "thing"
>> dh muak dh bru tgok yg awet punye..blom yg fresh lg..huiih..x sbar nye..hehehe
   fresh flesh +  blood overflow all over the body (really dark red blood) yummy.>.<"
( statement ni sumpah cannibalism yg teramat poyo..haha)

   a moment of me with cadaver..=)

                                                                       study hard posing je..hahaha

so this is what i've done so far...cannot wait to see more of 'them'..hehehe
see ya!!!

hafizzainal's contest

haha..tetibe rse cam nak join je contest ni even snyuman x berape nak mahal..
                                               " Hafizzainal's Contest-Senyuman Mahal

                             this is the contest yg ak bru je nak join..last2 minute dah..hahaha
                lg bpe hri je dh nak tutup...coz contest ni tutup 31 may.. this is the link of this contest

>>anyway..this is the picture yg dipertaruhkan hidup n mati in this contest..hoho

                                                          picture of me with my dad

                       fav picture since i years old i think..
                                                         my mom took this picture..

>>she took it because  she doesnt want me to forget their(my mom and dad) love to me..
because in this just wearing a t-shirt yg mmg nipis although at that time cuaca mmg sjuk coz bru lpas hujan n kat kwasan bergunung (my grandma's house kat kuala pilah)..then my dad noticed it  from far, n he ran to me n hug me immediately with his sweater..smpai berjam jam x lepas...time2 tu jugak my mom took her camera n take this picture..aku sempat posing lg hehe

because of this, i swear to myself..i never ever forget segala kasih syg mereka..until the last beat of my heart..

                                             okok..enough with this pic n my life..=D
                                                 this is my friends yg ak nak tag:- 

mencapub 2

haha..this is the next edition from the first 'mencapub'..
it occurs after a week of the gallery..

dah GENAP seminggu dah the gallery was held..
ak nye segan un dh kureng..mcm x de apa2 yg brlaku..usual like always..
but one day,(wednesday specifically)..
someone calling me from far..
ak ni rabun jauh x nmpak sgt r..
rupe rupe nye..mohamed saleh..

he told me this
"faez, are you free tomorrow?"
then i say
he replied
"we are having a party tomorrow,12pm at the ibnu sina hall on the 3rd floor for this gallery, all participants are must come"
i juz like...??????
""..seriously dude..i never come to any party before...
nak wat dh ajak..kene la follow..

then the next morning..i came to the hall with my friend (fadli sabri)
(pkai smart2...polo perfume dh boleh bau 20km)
usha dulu kat pintu..pfttttt...full of egyptian!!!!...mati aku
nak wat camne..kenelah msuk...
msuk2.. rupe2 nye bkan party da..actually they're having a ceremony for honouring the participants..
wat cuak ak je..haha...
berbaloi jgak la dpt certificate in arabic..hehe..

     dlm ramai 2 ni me n my friend was the only malaysian sitting in this hall

me taking my certificate
the person on the left next to the girl is mohamed saleh..
in the middle is a famous writer in egypt
 n sebelah kanan plak ak x knal..hehe


                                this is the certificate..siap tulis malizia lg



hahaha..tajuk x leh bla
ni la bile ak tetibe mencapub kat universiti
kes die camni..

i have an egyptian friend (his name is motasem)..he was in his FINAL year (6th year) of medical..
this university held a gallery.. showing many of arts (fine arts not martial arts..haha)
of many talented people in my university
motasem was participate in this gallery.. in photography section
then, i met him and ask him about his photos..sembang punye sembang..

suddenly, one of my friends menyampuk(tah dtg dr mne tah)
my friend say : hey, he can draw too you know(pointing his finger on me)
he said to motasem..(dlm hati ak...hey..die ni nak mkn kaki ke)
then, motasem pull my hand n bawak aku jumpe the person who responsible for this arts show..
terang punye terang...mamat yg responsible ni agreed to put my drawing in this gallery..
(seriously??...mane ade bdak msia participate dlm gallery ni??..x kan ak nak participate kot??)
nak wat camne..bende dh TERlajak..kene lah buat..(hehe..sebenarnye excited)

mlm tu jugak ak wat 4 drawing..sampai kul 2.30am bru aku tido..(sanggup tu)
the next morning, i give my drawing to motasem..and about 1 or 2 hours..
ak pegi balik kat gallery show tu...tgok ak punye drawing...segan gile!!..
ramai gile org msia tgok kot..haha (1st malaysian participant ever kot kat university ak..ceh2..bangga plak)

                                          my drawing is the 4 top pics on the manila card...

                                                                    segan doe

                                                    rase bangge lak arab tgok..haha
                                                                       (eeh..tarikan gravity kuat sgt plak..)

                        my drawings yg 4 kat atas..4 yg bwah tu egyptian student punye

                                                                  one of mine

                                          comment dak2 msia r ni...(aduyai)

                      the gallery was held kat ground mmg rmai r students dtg jguk..

          ni mamat yg responsible 4 this gallery..his name-mohamed saleh( old school name..haha)

                                         comments from arab..siap bg no ag..hoho

                                               gadis arab ni ngah comment pic aku...=D

credit to my friends..SYAHIR n NASRULLAH (malaysian)
                                    MOTASEM n MOHAMED SALEH (egyptian)
                                    4 helping me throughout this painful time...hahahahaha thanx

lets listen to thiz..

since nak dekat exam ni, only songs can make my stress go away..

by taio cruz

Telling the World – Taio Cruz Song and Lyrics Code

Every part in my heart I’m giving out
Every song on my lips I’m singing out
Any fear in my soul I’m letting go
And anyone who ask I’ll let them know

She’s the one, she’s the one
I say it loud
She’s the one, she’s the one
I say it proud
Ring a bell, Ring a bell
For the whole crowd
Ring a bell, Ring a bell

I’m telling the world
That I’ve found a girl
The one I can live for
The one who deserves

Every part in my heart I’m giving out
Every song on my lips I’m singing out
Any fear in my soul I’m letting go
And anyone who ask I’ll let them know

She’s the one, she’s the one
I say it loud
She’s the one, she’s the one
I say it proud
Ring a bell, Ring a bell
For the whole crowd
Ring a bell, Ring a bell

I’m telling the world
That I’ve found a girl
The one I can live for
The one who deserves

To give all my heart
A reason to fly
The one I can live for
A reason for life

Oe oh oe oh
Yeah yeah
Oe oh oe oh
Yeah yeah
Oe oh oe oh
Yeah yeah

Listen to Songs:


hahaha...this is this is the best skyping moment ever...=D
end of 2010,my friends(ashrafuqal)
make this antara benua skype conversation with my other maktabmate(mrsm kkb):-

meymey n fatikus-pasum
haris-tepi laut mane tah
lela n kinah-russia
hazrin-nogori 9
ais n acap-penang

                                 hahahaha..sempat ag dlm bnyk2 bende..topik ni plak yg kuar..hahaha

hahaha...miss old time..full of laughter time kat nk wat cmne must go on...=D

egypt experiences

after spm..i continued my study kat egypt..
i always wonder how egypt look like..
let see how egypt look..
thiz pics i took waktu 1st time sampai..

abundant of mosque..=)

                                                  military college rasenye...hehe

                                                   jalanraya next to railway

   seronok tgok ammu(pakcik) 3 org ni naik vespa skali...merapatkan ukhwah..=D

                 the only bank yg sama dgn msia..coz hsbc is worldwide..

                                         view of mosque during the dawn..

                                   fuul(kacang)...sgt belambak..

                                     national bank of egypt

                  one of the kedai shoping kat sini..murah..=)

                                             layan ice cream jap..haha..

dahulu kala..

its a common thing bile duk berjauhan dgn family =
RINDU+TERKENANGkan mereka di Malaysia...
how are they?
what are they doin'?
only pics n prays dapat mengubati all of this..

                                           my mom and dad during their wedding

                                    my dad time cukur rambut baby(aku)..

                                                          my dad..=)

                                                            my sisters..

                                                                   my mum..

                                 sedara mara...and im the only male in this pic??

                                                               me n my dad..

                            sedara again..happy ak xde..huhu

                                 last but not least..aku ngah dok tp longkang..haha

remember...jagalah hubungan dgn family...coz they are the only family we got..